fire Emblem If/Fates Rom Hack Help

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    Mar 15, 2016
    1) Hi, I was wondering how difficult would it be for a person new to ROM hacking like me to edit the fates/if "romfs"?
    (My goal is to simply edit the models - by mixing them like in this YouTube video)

    2) I've successfully used pk3ds for ORAS, but could not find tools that can do the same or similar for Fire Emblem Fates, I was wondering if such tools existed?

    If it is currently too difficult and/or too time consuming to ROM hack fire emblem fates for a noob like me please let me know.

    3) My last question: What is the best method for applying cheats like; changing class, items, skills, and stats?
    (I heard of "NTR" - not sure how it works just that it involves AR codes, I've also heard there is a save editor)

    Thank you
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