Finding Shiny Check Routine in Sun/Moon Rom

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    Mar 13, 2017

    I just registered here to ask for some help regarding 3ds Rom hacking/patching. Specifically for Pokemon Sun & Moon (I hope I posted this in the right section)

    I'm quite pissed that Gamefreak built in a Shiny lock into the games again for most legendaries, just to give them away at a later date as event Pokemon.
    I prefer to soft-reset for Shiny Pokemon as it's way more satisfying to get them that way. So just editing my save file to make them Shiny isn't an option for me either.

    I saw that Bond697 released the Shiny check routine for Gen5 years ago:

    so someone made codes from that for disabling the shiny lock:

    So now I'm wondering if anyone has any advice of how to do something similar for the Sun/Moon roms.

    Any advice is appreciated, be it a function address where I have to search inside the rom or any advice of how to search for a function. Is there a debugger I can use for 3ds roms or a table of function names?

    Thanks a lot in advance!