Finding game codes - FTP VPK installer

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    Feb 12, 2008
    For worms revolutions and Xonic Super Beats. I cant seem to get the serial when i google on this?

    Im trying this:
    "using both at the same times will give you great compatibility! if a vitamin dumped game crash with 12828 error at start
    , take the eboot.bin, the mai_moe folder, and the sce_module folder from a maitool dump
    and add them to the installed vitamin dump, it has a high chance of fixing the game :D"

    I tried the ftpvitainstaller-beta2.0.
    And for resistance the game structure looks wholly different.
    Before when I installed via vitashell it had like 3 maps? and a couple of files in root
    Now it has one. and loads of files in root folder.

    Also before i had like 8 GB free space with resistance installed Via vitashell.
    But now Via FTP installer i have 10 GB free space?

    The game "Starts" the same as before witht he known error.

    So I ftped over the game files to see how big it is/was. 650 MB. laaaawl.
    The fuck happend here?

    I dont think this software works.