Final Fantasy VIII, Chocobo World thoughts?

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    For those who dunno what I'm talking about may not be aware by many, especially me at the time of this. Final Fantasy VIII contained a mini game, this mini game can be accessed after first finding a chocobo forest (Kinda like final fantasy iv) and capturing a chocobo for the first time. This unlocks a... mini game called "Chocobo world" The problem is this game was released in 1999, and this mini game is exclusive to the pocket station which was only made available in japan. Pocket station, is basically common to dreamcast VMU (Visual memory unit) The dream cast memory cards with the screen and buttons on it, is similar in that pocket station and vmu both use data created by a game on the console and transferred to and from for various reason either for a extended mini game or just earning collectibles. This kinda reminds me of earlier concept of the "Giga pets" Or the common virtual pet by tiger electronics. (yeah during the time of the flood of tiger electronic hand held games, where some was hit or miss with people)

    Pocketstation Comparison

    Anyway if you ignore the spoiler, is not really informative. But what is informative is that many people like myself never tried this before. at least playing originally on playstation. (For the record i did play final fantasy VIII on psx) The reason why i bought this up is cause i been playing the pc port of final fantasy VIII which is available on steam, in this port, the access to this game is available with emulation i guess fully functional. Is also a achievement requirement. I already finished the game, it wasn't bad for revisit (consider a review later), but i decided to try and 100% the game for all achievements.

    The problem is this chocobo world has some achievements, but is also the most boring things i ever had done for a achievement, so i dunno how to handle it. If anyone is worried about spoilers, then just ignore the next part. It just explains the game from what i gathered., is nothing to mind blowing or story based, is just a mini game with almost no real purpose aside from main game.

    Short description.

    Now that you start the actual game, you get to guide "Chicobo" or "Boko" I dunno, i guess in chcobo world, is chicobo, and final fantasy VIII is chocobo. Anyway, according to the guide, the idea is to explore, but is pretty basic and automated. The "Bird" walks automatically, you have 4 directional buttons and one button, for menu, or general use. You have to check the map for "Events" and constantly guide him there, you can set his walk cycle pattern and he will automatically do it. There is only four directions, North East South West. Manually guide him or set his automated walk pattern, and that is most of the game. During the events placed on the map, random things will happen.

    1. Find mini mog the moogle, or "MOG" (Who knows, is probably the same mog from that Final fantasy VII mini game at gold saucer) If you find him, he can help in battles.
    2. Chocobo training, by using the chocobo's naturally favorite food gyshal greens, you can increase his level, increasing HP and i guess some other stuff.
    3. Moombas, they will provide you with new weapons, is random so some are strong or weak.
    4. Encounter, what is a final fantasy game without random encounters, obviously here you do battle, by watching and waiting for it to end.
    5. Distractions, longer chocobo walks around without experiencing a event, he gets distracted, basically all progress is halt and i guess he heals lost hp, but is complete random. (Is not a event marked on the map, it probably happens simply from not finding one soon enough and boredom, he sometimes go to sleep. I did twice, i was bored with him and wake up to sleeping chocobo at camp fire and such. Pressing a button wakes him to continue.)
    There some other achievements as well but is secret achievements. You may encounter theses sometimes, when you play games, checking achievement list should tell you what is required to unlock or maybe a clue or hint or some guessing game on how to unlock with cryptic messages, and some are just LOCKED, unless you randomly stumble upon unlocking it, it won't tell you how to get it. You basically either look at a guide of someone who did it already and list the condition for unlocking or just play until you randomly get it.

    So for the record, I only know three related to this mini game, Get the chocobo to level 100, fins mini mog and obtain loot from chocobo world. I'm not sure what the real goal behind why is part of the game in the first place, but according to some info, the chocobo should become a GF summon of some kind. Sound familiar yet? Well it should if you played final fantasy VII. There is a Red (Summon) Materia called Choco/Mog You get it first time by visiting the chcobo ranch... farm and talk to the chocobo in the fence, they dance and give you summon materia for choco/mog. (Finally the connection is there.)

    I guess i got a bit off track with the topic, but i'm curious to know what you think of this chocobo world mini game? You wish maybe more psx games was ported with such pocket station emulation and achievement requirements? Honestly when i first saw this, it reminded me of VMU and giga pets, i said it already, why i didn't recognize this from 1999, is cause this was never a thing in USA, only japan, sega had VMU in america and a bit more useful for what it did, specially not just as a portable game to play but trading data between 2 vmu your own or friends, or just as some special function depending on games played.

    If you haven't had enough...