Final Fantasy: EoT Mega Glitch

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    Jan 24, 2009
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    So my little brother has been playing this game for hours on end, and while online one of his friends did a "glitch" where a Selkie was stuck in a jump, and then the host dc'd. Then my Brother supposedly rejoined the game, to find this selkie had been cloned.

    Then he saved, returned to single player and went to check his guild. His whole Screen turned green, and now for whatever reason when he starts the game up, he can only be in the town square, if he moves anywhere else the game's screen turns green. Now I tried Re-installing the Rom, and that didn't work so it must have something to do with the save. I'm pretty sure I can't do much, but if anyone has experienced this maybe you can pass on a solution? He poured alot of time into the game to have it ruined by an in game hacker and I feel bad.