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    I know it is the same game as Fifa football, and that the general consensus of opinion online is that it is not worth considering- however nobody has mentioned the online play in their vitriolic 'EA robbed uzzzzzz' reviews.
    Can anyone tell me if the online lag has been reduced? If it has, I would happily pay for it (I only got Football for £10 ages ago so no real loss) as a few times I have been mid pass only for the game to freeze for 4-5 seconds before choosing a different player for me to be in control of.

    I didn't even play Fifa til I got the Vita- it has changed me
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    Oct 3, 2012
    To be honest with you, I tried connecting 5 times and I was not able, but I will try again soon, and leave some feedback...

    And to be even more honest with you, hehe, I hadn't played Fifa since Fifa 2000, Vita made me wake up a little bit from my PES fanboyism, love both now =)

    As I don't want to double post, here it goes my online experience.:

    Played with Real Madrid against Barcelona.
    Now, about what you asked, unfortunelly I haven't played the Fifa Soccer ( from last year ) online, since I had only the demo by the time I bought my Vita,
    but I do can tell you the game is slower, for obvious reasons it can't have the normal match speed of when we play against the CPU, and some lag.
    Around 3-5 times in the match the game freezed for 4 seconds, and when I tried to rematch, the game disconnected. ( was already back on the pitch ).

    If you have anything else to ask, I will be happy to help.
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    I don't even watch football, and I played a lot of the demo of FIFA Football; now I have the game.

    What did they do to me? D:
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    Haha me too, must be a well designed game- I like that it is handheld so nobody can see me enjoying it!