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    May 23, 2008
    Wow! I just unpacked FIFA 08 (DS) and look what I found!

    To create/save highlights /
    * run a debug build
    * put a breakpoint in game.c at the top of G_ReplayPlay where it says:
    ÂÂÂÂ// to record replays, put a breakpoint here
    * score a goal or miss
    * press SELECT to replay at a good moment, the game should Break on your breakpoint before showing the replay
    * Make a note of the address of G_tHighlight[0]
    * Within Nitro Debugger, select File|Write
    * Save As BIN with a filename of:
    ÂÂÂÂC:\work\FIFADS06\DATA\oot\miss0.bin OR C:\work\FIFADS06\DATA\oot\goal0.bin (as appropriate)
    * set the Start Address of G_tHighlight e.g. 0x0220bc70, and the Length as 0x6760 (should be sizeof(THighlight))
    * click OK to save
    * increase the appropriate GOAL_LZ_COUNT or MISS_LZ_COUNT #define in gamesys.h (around line 21)
    * check the bin files into sourcesafe
    * any questions ask Charlie
    I know this may be pointless because '09 may be coming out soon but still! This is one of the few times we get to see what the programmers say!

    Now we know they use Nitro Debugger. And is looks like there still using code from back at '06.

    Also if you look at some of the files there just .bmp files that you can edit. I see a lot of bmp.ZL files, anyone know what there are?