Few questions about 3ds hacking and gateway

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    Dec 12, 2014
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    I bought a 3ds a few days ago. I had looked up the gateway flashcart and decided I'd get one whenever I bought a 3ds. I was on an older firmware (I dont recall which) but I looked up what was the latest firmware on the Nintendo website and it said it was the, decided I'd update since it was supported by gateway. Updated and ended up with!

    Now I'm guessing im SOL from what I've been reading. I want to Dump my current nand so if there is any gateway support for 9.3, Ill have a backup of the nand. I've been hacking xbox 360s since the original SMC JTAG hack so I'm not worried about the soldering part, I'll probably do a permanent micro usb install for super easy nand read/write. Ok here are my questions:

    1. How ****ed am I by being on 9.3?
    2. Can I back up my current 9.3 nand, get a second 3ds, extract 2nd nand, use the second nand as a donor to the first nand's CPU key (or whatever it uses)?
    3. I have a fully working Japan motherboard coming in the mail. If I swap motherboards will it play my 3ds games (from the USA)? If it's on a compatible firmware can I use the gateway flashcart with it?
    4. Does gateway support original NDS games/GBA games or can I use an original R4-revolution card with the 3ds to play original games or emulators.
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