FBI won't install cia's?

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    Updated to the latest Luma and arm9haxloader, currently on sys 9.0.0-20U. I've injected FBI into HS and it loads up just fine, however I can't seem to install most cia's, it just gives me the options to delete,rename,copy,paste and that's it. I've tried updating and injecting on the most recent firmware so far as well and no dice yet, so i've opted to restore back to 9.0.0-20U just to troubleshoot for now. I have luma updater, hblauncher_loader, and freeShop-2.1.2 in my cia folders, yet whenever I select them there is no option to install. Any ideas on what I should do?
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    the cia is bad, this happened to me a while ago. Fbi does a check on the cia to make sure it's installable when you click on it. If it's not, there isnt any option to install it. That or it's a bugged version of fbi which i highly doubt
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