FBI Injecting Doesn't Work?

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  1. Jiehfeng

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    Inside your miiind, and poof.

    I did hack 2 3DS's, one "new" and "old". The guide has been updated and I hit a dead end for the first time.

    At the step "Section V - Injecting FBI" I did exactly as it said, go to Hourglass9 by pressing Start on boot (it says so too), Sysnand backup/restore and first dump health and safety, then inject in the same menu, but no luck, it's still the health and safety app, not FBI. I didn't mess around with Emunand backup/restore.

    Also, I didn't use gateway ever.
    Any ideas and quick? I have like a few hours till I give this 3DS to a friend.

    EDIT: Gah, I misunderstood. I selected the same dumped hs.app, which was supposed to be the FBIxxx.app, heh, guide could've been a little more clearer for a noob like me. :P
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