Fast Forwarding DS games on 3DS

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    Hi. I have two consoles, one 3DS XL and one New 3DS XL. Their firmwares are latest ones, 11.7 and 11.8. Both have CFW. I want to buy an economic R4 card, aiming:

    1. to play NDS games with turbo mode / fast forward support in game with a button like R ( I mean; when i press for example, R in-game, the game will fast forward it, making me play at 2x 4x speed, as in emulators.)

    2. Play GBA games and trade pokemon for example in FireRed and LeafGreen.

    Which R4 card should i get?
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    none, thats impossible, you either get a phone powerful enough to emulate DS and fast foward it or you get original GBA hardware to trade pokemon
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    The most powerful flashcart on the market (the DSTWO) could only slowdown DS games. There's simply no way to speed up DS games on standard hardware without externally overclocking the CPU of the system. Running DS games on the 3DS does not change the clock speed as the 3DS reboots into TWL-Mode and uses a separate CPU for DS(i) games that is still limited to the DSi functionalities.
    But if you do want a good flashcart with R4 in the title, go with the R4i Gold Plus (url on cart:

    There are GBA emulators for the DS, but they aren't good and tend to have a lot of issues. The only flashcart on the market with a good working GBA emulator is the Supercard DSTWO
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    Nope, the 3DS uses real DS hardware, not emulation, so there's no way to just speed it up like an emulator.
    No, AGB_FIRM (the gba semi-emu (part hardware part software)) doesn't have any sort of link cable support. You can always extract their saves and "trade" with pkhex though.