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    I have bought "EZ-V 3-in-1" (version unknown yet, I haven`t checked\duuno how) few months ago from a local (Israeli) shop for video games carts, the EZV turned out defective, accordingily to somone here on this forums my battery may have come dead, I sent a new battery+my ez3-in-1 cart to the shop and got back an empty-batteried ezv3-in-1 with my "new" battery, I put that battery in there with a normal tape around it (I am unable to solder it, I followed another guide here telling me it might work) and still, My DS currectly can`t recognize my EZV3-in-1 at all, do you guys know what are my possibilities? (Besides returning it to the shop, which got bad staff as far as ive measured)
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