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    13 years ago GBAtemp reviewed EZFlash's EZ3 flash cart. One of the first modern style GBA flash carts as we have since come to understand them; prior carts were pure memory and fairly small where this introduced the model where things first get loaded into RAM or NOR memory from something else. Up until very recently its feature set still saw it count among the very best GBA flash carts there were, and it is not like new GBA games are being released either.
    Despite having their new "Omega" GBA flash cart keeping them busy the EZTeam have today released the source code for the EZ3, and established a github for them. This release includes the cart side loaders for it as well as the EZManager Windows client program. It is unknown right now what license they are using or have otherwise inherited *Update* The EZFlash team have set the Apache 2.0 license as their one of choice, post here. Apache 2.0 link and a basic legal analysis (short version is it is a pretty permissive license).

    What will stem from this we do not know but it is sure to be interesting for those that wanted to know how GBA flash carts work, maybe we will see one that works on something newer than Windows XP, making a better ROM/save dumper for the EZ3's linkers, or maybe even gain the ability to manage the carts from a DS itself similar to how we manage the EZTeam's own expansion pack released a few generations of cart later (we have something similar for flash advance carts as well). The EZ3 was updated some time into the DS era as well and this release also includes some of the GBA slot DS flash cart code.

    Original EZ3 review


    Source code release thread
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    That's really awesome, not just because of the possibility of clone devices, but the inevitable custom firmware upgrades made by enthusiasts. Can't wait to see the first fully community-built kernels with new functionality.

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