EZ-V Savelist Tool

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    EZ-V Savelist Tool

    Update the savelist easily


    An easy method to update the EZ-V savelist with the latest releases has been released by cory1492. The EZ-V uses the savelist file to determine what save type a ROM uses.

    To update the ezsave.lst download cory1492's tool and cleaned up savelist below then follow these instructions:

    1. Place ezsave.lst and 5save.exe into the same directory.

    2. Drag and drop the ROM you want to adjust the save for onto 5save.exe

    3. Select which save type you want to assign to the ROM.

    4. Copy the updated ezsave.lst into the shell folder of your microSD card.

    [​IMG] 5save

    [​IMG] ezsave List

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    Could someone provide a rehost for those links?