EZ Flash IV 2015 (MicroSD) Dry Battery & First Run Error Message

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    Dec 8, 2016
    I've been getting this error with my cart from when I bought it.

    Does this mean that the internal battery is dead?

    I've been looking at some threads and it isn't clear how to resolve the issue as many threads refer to older versions of the EZ Flash IV, not the 2015 version. Some people say this cart doesn't have a rechargeable battery.

    I've patched all ROMS with SRAM but when I save games and start back up, no games are being saved.

    Is this a problem with the cart or can it be resolved via the software side of things?

    The cart was delivered in a vacuum sealed bag so looks legit (though I know someone could just bag up carts that weren't working).

    Anyone know how to resolve this?


    Just after posting this the eBay seller I bought this from replied saying that he will help. Kudos to levitech-retail for trying to help as a lot of eBay sellers wouldn't want to know.

    He said that you need to keep playing it to charge it up so I should try and do that first. I have been playing games on it, but mostly in short bursts rather than long sessions.

    Once we have ruled that out we can take it from there.

    He did mention that if they have used cheap batteries he will speak to the manufacturer to try and get it resolved.

    Will keep this thread updated for the benefit of anyone else who is having this problem :)
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    As far as I am aware it is not a chargeable battery used in the modern ones. The battery in question is a CR2025 (older models using the VL2020 which was rechargeable and another 2020 sized one in later batches that was not) which is not chargeable but should last a very long time, certainly far longer than the new style EZ4 has been around. It could be that there is a dodgy solder joint of the EZTeam got a bad batch of batteries themselves so it is not impossible that the batteries do not perform as required.
  3. MA3STRO

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    Dec 8, 2016
    I was out last night watching UFC but before I went out I left it charging with minish cap left on.

    When I came home I created a save file. When I switched it back on the error was gone and the game had saved.

    It seems that I just hadn't let it charge long enough as I was playing quick games.

    Fair play to the seller. I bought the cartridge months ago and he replied right away and said he would send a replacement if it wasn't working.