EZ-Flash IV 1.77 SD card compatibility test

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    Apr 2, 2009
    Long story short:

    Two EZ4: old miniSD version, new TF version
    Four cards: SanDisk miniSD 512M, Verbatim TF 2G, Toshiba TF 8G, Kingston TF 8G

    EZ4 miniSD 1.77: SanDisk 512M doesn't work, the other three(in a miniSD-TF adapter) work.
    the SanDisk 512M works on 1.74 and still works in firmware upgrade mode in 1.77

    EZ4 TF 1.77: all three TF cards work.

    Three TF cards have different partition alignments(partition begin at sector 128, 2048, 8192), different file systems(FAT16/32), none of these matters, they all work.

    Tried different formatting tools on the mini SD, Windows diskpart(align 128, FAT16), Ubuntu GParted(align 2048, FAT16 or FAT32), SDFormatter from SDA(align 237, FAT16), none of these settings work.

    So I still don't know why that card doesn't work, and SDHC or not doesn't matter, alignment doesn't matter, FAT16 or 32 doesn't matter. If you got problem like this, try another card.

    BTW: many people recommends SDFormatter from SDA, why? there is nothing special about this tool and it makes horrible alignment decisions.