EZ-Flash --> DeSmuME save?

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    Feb 10, 2012
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    (I posted this on the EZ-Flash forums but I have not gotten a solution yet).

    The R button on my DS Lite is kinda sticky, so I used it as a good excuse to upgrade to a 3DS. However, my EZ-Flash V doesn't work on it, so I'm just going to finish the last game I have for the DS (Yoshi's Island DS) on my computer. (a friend lent me his gamepad) However when I copied the save file (uSD:/SAVES/Yoshi's Island.sav) to my computer and imported it using DeSmuME's File->Import Backup Memory Function, the save was not recognized and my save was not there. When I opened up the .dsv file in a hex editor, it was entirely blank (with the exception of the DeSmuME's save information and padding).

    When I opened up the .sav file from the EZ-Flash in a hex editor, all I saw was this: http://i.imgur.com/u56ON.png That's repeated several times until the file just goes blank. My thinking here is that when I started the game the first time, the EZ-Flash created the blank save file on the uSD card and it's just been saving my game progress on it's internal memory?

    I remember using Select+B to copy over save information on an EZ-Flash 4, is there anything like that for the V?

    And/or what am I doing wrong on my computer side? Has anyone successfully copied over a save and played it on a computer?


    Edit: Forgot to add I'm using 2.0 RC20 on the EZ-Flash V side and DeSmuME 0.9.7 x64 on the computer side.

    Edit 2: The saves work fine in No$GBA, so I guess problem solved?