EZ-Flash 3in1 Extension pack question

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    Sep 14, 2009
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    I bought one recently not from this shop and it didn't work with NDS Backup tool for the 3in1 I was wondering if anyone bought one from the shop off this website and have success in backing up games. Thanks for reading, honestly don't answer me unless you have it from this website and have tested it please!
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    Mar 19, 2009
    Hi there,
    bought some EZ flash Vi and a 3in1 expansion pack from shop temp not long ago, because i had a lot of other stuff to test out it took me while before i went into the 3in1 but now that it is done i think i can talk to you about how it went for me.

    so first of all it took me a while to get my EZ flash Vi to work properlly, using into a DSlite and NeoDS emulator (wanted to see if the 3in1 ram made a difference) it turned out to crash after loading a neogeo game after another without turning of the system r even posing the game. This causes a MAJOR crash that will lead to the EZflash Vi (but again it is on a DSlite) to be unable to LOAD but the worst is that your computer will say your SD card is corrupted and takes a while just to be able to format it again (better use major SD filesaving before you are going to play hehe)

    BTW i am using the latest kernel and firmware 101 , posts here confirm that it has a drawback effect toward the homebrew scene ...(but again i initially bought that Vi to plug it into my DSXL)

    so after "stabilising" the EZflash Vi (aka don't mess with homebrews like a mad man or be prepared to format your SD)

    i focused on the 3in1(btw as far as i noticed the ram expansion with neoDS does NOT improve speed, posts around here mention it does add a bit of details to some graphics-i did not notice ANY change-)

    so i took some GBA "clean" roms , took the tools for the 3in1 to patch my roms and then i added them to the SD card in the right repertory, well while i could easily put FFVI on the NORFLASH memory i had bg issues launching a "patched game" from the PSRAM...
    then i went to that third party programm that is comonly known to have better results than those of the EZ flash team and installed it on my SD card. tried it a few times, crashed a bunch of times when trying to work things out with a SAVE file

    well at this point i was not too convinced, maybe i was doing stuff wrong, mybe i was just unlucky, it went to a point when i thought "MY ez flash 3in1 was just screwed from start , it's PSRAM is dead (my knowledge in that kind of thing is ZERO)"

    but before i would throw a final judgement on it and trust me i don't even remember how i decided to do this but i just took a whole bunch of fresh clean roms unpatched, threw'em on my SD card and tried to launch them ...

    NORFLASH charging is working perfectly tried double dragon FFVI (even tried with a Lips patched FFVI that had the supernes sound and opera scene by tokyo orchestra and added the font upgrade patch for the heck of it playing it S - M - O - O - T - H)

    PSRAM charging sometimes crash when i launch the game for the first time ( one i never launched ever ) i get the lower screen to light up instead of the upper one that should have had the gameboy logo in a blueish whiteish color, i just turn the DS of and retry the games then launches perfectly on the PSRam (wich is pretty nice)


    launching clean roms or Lips patched previously clean GBA roms directly from the EZflash Vi without any kind of manipulation works PERFECT if charging the NORflash(game will stick on the cartidge even when DSlite is turned OFF)

    launching clean roms or Lips patched previously clean GBA roms directly from EZflash Vi without any kind of manipulation using the PSRAM SOMETIMES CRASHES ON FIRST ATTEMPT, just turn the DS off turn it back on and relaunch it will work fine and won'tcrash anymore it's only the first time you ever launch a game (maybe something to do with the save file not being created resulting a crash but on try 2 the save file is there and can be written -again i am clueless on that kind of stuff i just read a lot-)

    AFAIK save files work TIP TOP on NOR and on PSRAM , got a big save of FFVI on the NOR and all other games have their saves on the SD card: Rock'n'roll racing playing Olaf and into the third planet.my scores for game and watch collections are all saved launching with PSram and so on , i have yet to find a missing save.

    well well well hope it helps, i on my side was so convinced by the potential of this device that it put me back and a few friends into our game boys, i just won an auction on a PAL gameboy player for my getting-the-dust gamecube, i bought an EZ flash IV GBA size (only found ONE german site to sell those and i paid 59 EUROS for it , i have yet to recieve it hehehehe)
    oh and completly off topic but hell i don't open my moutht hat often so i ll share my geekness with you hehe , i just bought a PS2 resident evil IV chainsaw controller from nubytech to welcome deadrisingII collector edition to my PS3(i'm sure it will suck but hell it ll make the kids freak out!)

    so long guys!