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    This tutorial will explain how to extract and convert the soundtracks of Project DIVA, Project DIVA 2nd, and Project DIVA Extend. External tutorials will be provided as needed. This tutorial would not have been possible without Matchi-chan's guide.

    First off, you're going to need an ISO of the game whose soundtrack you want to extract. You could (but shouldn't) download one illegally, or you could legally dump one from a UMD you already own, which is safer and faster. After you have your ISO, you need to extract its contents using any tool capable of doing so, such as 7-zip, UMDGen, or CDmage. Whichever one you want to use is fine. If you're on Linux, UMDGen works with Wine.

    After you've gotten all of your files extracted, navigate to /PSP_GAME/USRDIR/media/afs/. This directory is the same for every Project DIVA game. The contents however, are different. Project DIVA (1st) stores its files in .afs format, while the other games use .cpk format. However, the process is relatively the same.

    AFS (Project DIVA)
    So, before you continue, you are going to need to download AFSExplorer. Once downloaded, run it, and select File > Import AFS file. Navigate to /PSP_GAME/USRDIR/media/afs/, and select DivaSoundList.afs. After it loads, you may get a prompt telling you about auto-updating a structure. If so, just select OK. From here, select Action > Export Folder. Select a directory to save your extracted files, and press OK. After it finishes extracting the files, you can close the program and move onto Converting AIX to ADX.

    CPK (Project DIVA 2nd + Extend)
    So, as I mentioned before, Project DIVA games after the first one use .cpk files instead of .afs files. As such, it also requires a different program. Luckily, there are a few tools out there to do this, but I use CPK Unpacker. To use this program, simply drag your .cpk file onto the .exe and wait for it to finish. If you couldn't figure it out, the music is stored in Diva2Sound.cpk if you're working with PD2nd, or Diva2ExSound.cpk if you're working with Extend. After the program finished extracting the files, you can move onto the next step.

    Converting AIX to ADX
    So, if you did everything correctly, you should have a folder full of .aix files. Pretty useless, because you can't listen to them, right? Well, have no fear, because that's where aix2adx comes in. In Matchi-chan's original guide for converting aix files, there was a link to this program, which gets the job done, but doesn't work on 64-bit Windows. To remedy that, I recompiled the source code and attached it below. Also included are the batch programs Matchi-chan had written.

    So, there are 2 ways to use this program. If you want just a single track, then, simply drag it's respective AIX onto aix2adx.exe*. If you want the entire soundtrack, then place aix2adx.exe and convert.bat in the same folder as your AIX files. Then, simply run the convert.bat. From there, you simply wait until the program is done with the conversion.

    *If aix2adx.exe doesn't work, try using aix2adx64.exe and convert64.bat instead.

    Listening to ADX files
    So, now that you've gotten your adx files, you can listen to them using Winamp with the ADX plugin bundled with Chipamp. Alternatively, you could use one of many ADX converters to convert the files to another format of your choice. I'm not really going to go too far into this, as it is beyond the scope of this tutorial, but I recommend foobar2000, with the right component.

    Special note about Project DIVA (1st)
    As you may have noticed, if you're working with Project DIVA (1st), when you converted your files using aix2adx, some songs produced two adx files. For example, BGM_01.aix produces BGM_0100000.adx and BGM_0100001.adx. The first file is the instrumental track, while the second file is only the vocal track. If you wish to combine them, I recommend using Audacity after converting them to a format it can use. Only the playable songs are split (i.e. BGM_01 - BGM_32)

    BGM List (Project DIVA 1st)
    Below is a list of tracks as they appear in the DivaSoundList.asf
    BGM_01 - Koi wa Sensou (Love is War)
    BGM_02 - World is Mine (The World is Mine)
    BGM_03 - Sono Ichibyou Slow Motion (That One Second, In Slow Motion)
    BGM_04 - Hinekuremono (The Rebel)
    BGM_05 - Melt
    BGM_06 - Far Away
    BGM_07 - Strobo Nights (Strobe Nights)
    BGM_08 - Star Story
    BGM_09 - Last Night, Good Night
    BGM_10 - Packaged
    BGM_11 - Ame Nochi Sweet*Drops (Sweet*Drops After the Rain)
    BGM_12 - Marginal
    BGM_13 - Fukigen Waltz (Sullen Waltz)
    BGM_14 - Miracle Paint
    BGM_15 - Dreaming Leaf -Yumemiru Kotonoha- (Dreaming Leaf -Dreaming Words-)
    BGM_16 - Koi Suru [email protected] ([email protected] In Love)
    BGM_17 - Kouya to Mori to Mahou no Uta (Song of Desert, Forest, and Magic)
    BGM_17_2 - Kouya to Mori to Mahou no Uta (Rin) (Song of Desert, Forest, and Magic (Len))
    BGM_17_3 - Kouya to Mori to Mahou no Uta (Len) (Song of Desert, Forest, and Magic (Len))
    BGM_18 - Inochi no Uta (Song of Life)
    BGM_18_2 - Inochi no Uta (Rin) (Song of Life (Rin))
    BGM_18_3 - Inochi no Uta (Len) (Song of Life (Len))
    BGM_19 - Hato (White Dove)
    BGM_20 - moon
    BGM_21 - Miku Miku-kin ni Gochuui♪ (Caution! Miku Miku Bacteria!♪)
    BGM_22 - The secret garden
    BGM_23 - Dear cocoa girls
    BGM_24 - Biroudo Arabesque (Velvet Arabesque)
    BGM_25 - Love List Koushinchuu? (Updating Your Love List?)
    BGM_26 - Sakura no Ame -standard edit- (Rain of Cherry Blossoms)
    BGM_27 - Ievan Polkka
    BGM_28 - Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru♪(Shite Yanyo) (I'll Miku Miku You♪ (For Reals))
    BGM_29 - Kogane no Seiya Sousetsu ni Kuchite (Requiem for the Phantasma)
    BGM_30 - Electric Angel
    BGM_31 - Anata no Utahime (Your Diva)
    BGM_32 - Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu (The Vanishing of Hatsune Miku)
    BGM_33 - Ike Renka (SulLen Love Song)
    BGM_34 - Rin Rin Rintte Shitekurin♪ (I'll Do The Rin Rin Rin♪)
    BGM_35 - Double Lariat
    BGM_36 - Sennen no Dokusouka (Thousand Year Solo)
    BGM_37 - Soar
    BGM_38 - Saihate (The Farthest End)
    BGM_39 - Boukyaku Shinjuu (Oblivion Suicide)
    BGM_41 - Yuugure Nosutarujikku - remix - (Sunset Nostalgic - remix -)
    BGM_42 - Love it -Radio Edit
    BGM_43 - Kikoete Imasuka... (Can You Hear It...)
    BGM_44 - Shooting Star Prologue
    BGM_45 - Oshiete!! Mahou no Lyric (Tell Me!! The Magical Lyrics)
    BGM_46 - Starise
    BGM_47 - Credit Roll

    Sound List (Project DIVA 1st)
    Project DIVA (1st) also has some tracks that appear outside of the Rhythm Game Mode. The following songs are all instrumental tracks. Those marked with a "?" have not been encountered in-game from my experience, so I don't know their names, or what they are used for. If you know, please tell me, so the rest of us can become enlightened.
    sound_01 - Title Screen
    sound_02 - Miku's Room
    sound_03 - ?
    sound_04 - BGM_11 Duplicate
    sound_05 - BGM_10 Duplicate
    sound_06 - BGM_22 Duplicate
    sound_07 - BGM_05 Duplicate
    sound_08 - BGM_18 Duplicate
    sound_09 - ?
    sound_10 - ?
    sound_11 - ?
    sound_12 - ?
    sound_13 - BGM_12 Duplicate
    sound_14 - BGM_09 Duplicate
    sound_15 - BGM_25 Duplicate
    sound_16 - BGM_04 Duplicate
    sound_17 - BGM_17 Duplicate
    sound_18 - Free Play Menu
    sound_19 - Visual Library
    sound_20 - Home Menu
    sound_21 - ?

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    Sorry to necrobump but is there a way I can extract models/animations and use them with FBX models?
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    Models in Project DIVA are stored in the .igb format, for which nobody has written a converter (that I know of). There is a program called Intrinsic Alchemy Finalizer, which can apparently convert the models, but the company behind it issued several takedown notices a few years back, so the program is nearly impossible to find.

    If I was able to extract the models and textures myself, I would've translated more of the game than I did back when I put out this patch. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
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