Hacking Extracting directly to a microSD card


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Nov 21, 2005
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Depends upon what your extraction program is doing. Many of them will first extract it to a temp file on your hard drive (or possibly into RAM) and then copy it across and thus make it like any other operation.

If the extraction program extracts it to the card and then copies again (I have seen it happen but not with anything sensible like 7zip or a partway modern winrar) then I guess it could use more write cycles than necessary.

After this we are going to have to go into really esoteric things like what if it fails or that USB (which your SD card is probably sitting on, even if it is a reader built into your computer it is likely still USB) is fairly CPU intensive and often so is extraction.

Short version. If it is what you want to do then there are no real downsides to extracting directly. Using it is a download location (especially with something like torrents), defragging it, using it like you would your normal hard drive... such things would be ill advised and we have seen plenty of people do that over the course of things but simply extracting directly to it should pose no issue worth speaking of.
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