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    If you're wondering why I'm writing this when there is probably a way better presented youtube video you could be watching. Well this is just my mood at the moment. Even if the previous statement is true, I just want to share this with you. For the record, I'm specifically talking about borderlands 2 since it's the one I managed to play before writing this and try not to add any spoilers. (While hoping most of the stuff here is true for other games in the series)

    Introduction to Borderlands

    Borderlands is a series of video games produced by Gearbox Software. (The people who now own Duke Nukem... FUN FACT) It's available for consoles and pc and it is a first person shooter AKA FPS and it features FOUR PLAYER CO-OP. Unlike most first person shooters, the main driving force that makes this game stand out more is that it not set in some war time like call of duty or battlefield, nor is it on some alien planet or hell like doom. It's set in some western like science fiction world with humorous characters each with quirks and reasons behind their actions that aren't depicted as heroic or villainous. (In my opinion, they all seem like jerks to each other)

    Another unique driving force is the addition of RPG genre game elements like experience points, level up, skills and the like. Combined with a "procedurally generated looting" system, meaning anything you can procure will usually have random statistics even if it's the same item in name and function. It's a game that basically begs players to play for as long as they want to strive to collect the best gear possible. Each character has a class such as commando who is good at... solo play I suppose, assassin which is... comparable to hitman I guess. Siren which is kinda like pokemon psychic powers (that includes teleport) just some examples. All of this would give a depth filled gameplay experience for anyone who just like to collect things and build their strength.

    The causal (ME) VS the hype crowd

    To be honest, I wouldn't call myself a good player of this game. In fact, even after playing as long as I have, I still consider myself a casual player which by that might mean don't take it as seriously as another person who is very invested in it. They probably can tell you way more than I can, they can guide you to character building and gear looting for good stuff and how to hold your own against the game. I didn't even know about this game even though the series started in 2009, I only know it from it being more relevant when people talked about borderlands 3. Earlier this year, playstation plus members got "the handsome collection" for free (with sonic mania) that also had a release for a new dlc update that includes more story to tie it in to the next game. (Along with more reasons to keep playing I guess)

    From my experience with the game, I can see why most people find this game series appealing. Honestly for the graphics, I don't find it all that pleasing to me. (But then again, most unreal engine games don't in my opinion) But the characters and their humor is very entertaining at times. The gameplay is engaging by adding a layer of depth with the RPG genre features of different class characters, leveling up, gaining skills and I suppose the biggest thrill is the looting. It is still a FPS game, but is vastly different beast if you do play it.

    Mistakes were made

    Honestly I die a lot, I don't really know what to do with my skill points, the looting can be a good feeling at times especially when you get what you want or needed whether you know what you want or need or not. Many different weapons with different ways it works, down to shooting bulletstorm, a pack of rockets, swarm of bullets that look like someone biting you. There is many, I guess that's what the appeal is. Thing is I wanted to know what makes it so popular, but I may not feel the same way the in-crowd does about it. I just wanted to try, that's the best way to experience things.

    The thing I struggle with is just how to build characters in this kind of games. I know that most type of RPG games is favored by how players can build their character for the role they want to play. But I struggle with that feature a lot. There is plenty of options and I end up just either trying to balancing everyone or just picking what sounds useful at the current moment. Usually finding that the game may not work that way since you need something like a hulking tank player with plenty of HP and Defence, or a offensive master with lots of HP. Without suggestions or linear guidance to build the character, I tend to mess up in those games a lot and is probably why I shy away from tactic games like fire emblem or disgaea.

    The round up

    Back on topic of Borderlands, this is a game that I feel is for the invested. But if you're new to this series, I hope reading this will help you get a good idea of what kind of game it is and not to make the mistakes I made when playing it. I wrote this just to share my thoughts on the game and hope some of the community here may input some knowledge and guidance on how to proceed not just in Borderlands, but in any game like it with many options for character building and or looting mentality. Personally, I recommend playing with someone more experienced or least using a beginner guide. If you're feeling lucky or just want to be self taught, then I wish you luck "Vault Hunter". :ninja:

    In the end, if you want a FPS with a layer of depth and comedy that you can play with friends (as I think it's meant to be played) then this may be a good recommendation. If you find it hard to learn, seek some experienced players. (hopefully someone here who can answer questions) If you are one of the players that plays alone and managed to do well enough without outside help, well that's impressive and have my respect. Of course I say that cause I was unable to and only wish I could have. I don't have problems being bad at video games, but I will always like to be the best I can. But if I'm satisfied, then I think that's all that matters to me. :)
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    You should play Borderlands 2 because of Handsome Jack alone!
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