Question ExFAT or FAT32?

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    Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but for someone interested in homebrew while wanting to be legit with Switch-specific stuff (like game purchases and online), which would be best? From what I understand, Lakka will not work with exFAT (but when attempted was slower than FAT32, which seemed odd imo), so that's already in favor of FAT32.

    I use a 200GB card.
  2. Hansel

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    As far as I can tell, you'd be better off with FAT32 unless you need files over 4GB, which if you're going legit you probably don't.
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    Homebrew works better with FAT32 while exFAT is only useful for stuff that requires >4 GB files such as backup launching
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    and NAND restoration (32GB single file).
    you can dump in multiple 4GB part, then merge the files on computer, but then you can't restore it.

    If you want to play games (xci, nsp), you also need exFAT because some are bigger than 4GB.

    If you have the possibility, I'd go with multiple SD Card, exFAT for NAND dumps and game install, fat32 for everyday homebrew usage, or an exclusive SD FAT32 for Lakka.
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