Exception (DSI) Occurred!

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    Apr 10, 2016
    FIXED - Just reformatted SD card and all is well again.

    I have had my Wii running the USB loader CFG for years without problems, but suddenly today I get an Exception (DSI) Occurred! with loads of codes, followed by Stack dump, Code Dump and then it reboots back to the main menu. I have not loaded anything new or updated anything, it just happened it seems.

    The Wii is a 4.1E (one of the very first batches) games loaded off a 1TB hard drive.

    I have a 2nd hard drive with the games and it has the same error, so I assume it not the hard drives but something to do with the Wii itself?

    Can anyone point me to where I should start trying to fix this please? It has been a very very long time since I modded this so I can not remember how I did it, but I do have the Nand backed up on a SD card.

    Thanks in advance
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