EU Customs Ordered To Seize PS3 Consoles

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    Today, LG has won a ten day injunction, blocking imports of the PS3. You may remember the story on the legal battle against the two, and here's a out come of it.

    Here's a quote from the source.

    European customs officers have been ordered to seize shipments of Playstation 3s after LG won a preliminary injunction against Sony in an acrimonious patent battle between the two Asian electronics giants.

    The ruling by the civil court of justice in the Hague means that all new PS3s have to be confiscated as they are imported into the UK and the rest of Europe for at least 10 days.

    If the injunction was extended it could mean consoles disappearing from high street shelves. It is understood that Sony and computer games retailers typically have about two to three weeks’ worth of PS3s in stock across the continent.

    Tens of thousands of PS3s were seized by customs officers last week in the Netherlands, the Guardian has learnt, in a dispute that centres on Sony’s allegedly infringing use of Blu-ray technology belonging to LG.

    Sony, which imports around 100,000 of the consoles a week, is frantically trying to get the ban lifted. The Japanese company has the right to appeal to the European patents office.

    LG meanwhile, could apply to the same patents office to get the 10-day import ban extended. Alternatively, the Korean company could apply for a court order to get the consoles destroyed but it is highly unlikely the court would grant a request to eliminate the warehoused goods.

    LG argues that Sony PS3s infringe a number of its patents relating to playback of Blu-ray Discs. LG called for an investigation into the PS3?s Blu-ray use in a filing with the US international trade commission earlier this month, and said it sought a “permanent exclusion order … excluding entry into the United States” of the games console.

    If Sony is found to have infringed LG patents, it could be forced to compensate the South Korean manufacturer for each PS3 it has sold around the world, which could cost hundreds of millions of pounds.

    The two technology giants are involved in a complex web of seven separate patent disputes, with Sony also seeking to block shipments of LG smartphones to the US.

    Rotterdam and Schiphol are the main import points for PS3s for both the UK and continental Europe. The consoles are being stockpiled in Dutch warehouses until it becomes clear how the case will develop.

    A spokesman for Sony Playstation said: “We are currently looking into this matter, and cannot make any comments at this point in time.” LG declined to comment, although sources close to the company confirmed the current legal position.

    Sony has sold more than 3m PS3s in the UK since its launch in March 2007. The Japanese manufacturer is understood to have a stockpile of around 6,500 PS3s in Germany and 10,000 in the UK.

    However, the majority of PS3 sales around Europe are pre-orders, meaning they are already sold before they gather dust at warehouses in the UK and elsewhere. Stockpiles could run out within two to three weeks if the ban is not lifted, the Guardian understands.

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    Look at the Flag...
    "The Sprinkler Sprinkled". [​IMG]

    Go go go LG! Make them pay, they can afford it.
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    Aug 2, 2008
    Life's Good.
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    This is the biggest bullshit ever. Sony was the first company to release a Bluray player. Sony was the first company to release a Bluray film. Sony, Philips and Pioneer were the companies that actually developed Bluray technology. How the hell did LG actually get an injunction when they have no case, when all they ever did was jump on the bandwago? Being able to play certain kinds of media shouldn't even be patentable for crying out loud.

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    That is all.
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    Yup Karma [​IMG]
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    Jan 15, 2009
    LG is GOD yea yea Go for it i support you
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    LG doesn't deserve this. But sony does.
    Shit karma.
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    Karma does not exist. Period.
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    so LG won the case ?
    that's pretty weird , i thought Sony would've won .
  11. RupeeClock

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    May 15, 2008
    Dunno if it was the same courts, but maybe the courts don't want Sony thinking that they are their bitch.
  12. rave420

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    Dec 21, 2010
    sweet deal. Anything that takes the wind out of the giant assrape boat known as sony is welcome anytime.

    i am silently praying that they decide to destroy confiscicated hardware. For every PS3 destroyed, a little kitten has one helluva day. And think about the kittens :3
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    Fuck Yeah.

    That's all
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    Wow! O.o That other case seem brighter. [​IMG]
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    They didn't win the case. They were granted a temporary injunction (essentially a restraining order, but typically for products) while the case proceeds.
    This means that there was enough evidence provided by LG to convince a judge to temporarily prevent Sony from importing goods to the country, which isn't done lightly or on a whim because, as you can imagine, this could cost Sony (or any other company that an injunction is placed on) millions of dollars in a matter of days.
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    i own a PS3, and i don't even feel bad for Sony at all. I actually find it quite amusing
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    You sure what you're talking about?
    The whole thing with Blu-ray discs has been on the research table for a long time before it was released, and in that time LG may have come up with a technique to get better quality playback of said blu-ray discs. (Notice how the PS3 was (and still is?) the best blu-ray player available, maybe the used technique is the reason?). Or maybe it was some compression method or anything, I don't know.
    However, if they have a patent on something regarding blu-ray, and sony used it without permission, LG Sure does have a case!

    What you are saying is in my eyes like saying the Chinese may develop an sell pirated games and consoles, since it's the Chinese who put the consoles together in the first place.
  18. Nujui

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    Aug 12, 2010
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    I feel bad for the people that don't get the ps3s, but as for sony...

    I really don't know.
  19. Hop2089

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    Sony this year is at an all time low.

    First, the lawsuits, now their technology is banned from import to Europe.

    Sony may have just lost the console war by internal conflicts.

    Nice knowing you Sony *waits for the ban free 3DS to come*
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    Indeed! Life IS good. [​IMG]