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    Feb 11, 2009
    United Kingdom
    I've had to rehack a memory card after one of mine broke, I used the same tutorial I used before - The noobie guide on Skapps (The one with the OO7 Agent underfire hack)
    and I've installed FreeMCboot and ESR using the newb package. Now it seems that all is well like before but No matter what Game I've patched then burned all of them give a black screen after I click X on the White coloured ESR page (Which I never had before on the old broken one so I was confused about it at first) and the disk is still spinning but it never goes past the white screen. Have I done something wrong somewhere in the line? I did everything I did last time just with an updated newb package I suppose which explains the newer white screen esr page thing.

    All the Disks I used were Verbatim DVD-R and I burned all different speeds with no results.

    Same thing happens on a different memory card and a slim PS2

    The games I've tried are. Ultimate Spiderman - FFXII Zodiac with translation patch - my Own Backed up Resident Evil Outbreak #1 and a few others.
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