eShop not working on region changed emuNAND

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    Jan 31, 2015
    Following the guide for region changing and using eShop on O3DS XL for Luma3DS

    I have A9LH setup on EUR O3DS XL that has:
    sysNAND on 9.2 EUR,
    1st emuNAND on 10.7 EUR,
    2nd emuNAND on 11.0 region changed to JPN (originally had JPN NNID linked but I formatted using TinyFormat to have no NNID, without unlinking first)

    I tried it for 2nd emuNAND (although the guide is meant for sysNAND)

    System stock SecureInfo_A is EUR in emuNAND whereas SecureInfo_C is JPN in emuNAND (changed according to guide)

    Apparently Luma3DS doesn't seem to read SecureInfo_C on boot from 2nd emuNAND, so it is using stock SecureInfo_A

    So it shows English language with black boxes (because I deleted those titles), instead of the JPN language and titles as intended

    Alternatively, using modified SecureInfo_A to JPN and opening JPN eShop does not work, it gives error 005-4270 first, then error 007-2670, and then error 007-2001

    Is there is any way I can use JPN eShop on this EUR console? If there is any way to force read SecureInfo_C on 2nd emuNAND using Luma3DS (so that I can use JPN eShop).
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