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    Aug 5, 2011
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    Escape From Butcher Bay, the video game adaptation of The Chronicles of Riddick, the shit sequel to Pitch Black, the pretty nifty vehicle for Vin Diesel, the musclebound actor who's career got a jumpstart from a bit part in Saving Private Ryan, a rousing film about the second World War, one of the most terrible conflicts in human history, the basis for the Magic Tree House series of books, was pretty good.

    Most video game adaptations suck, to put it lightly. Escape From Butcher Bay (and, to an arguably lesser extent, its follow up "Assault On Dark Athena") stood apart from the pack, offering a great blend of stealth and gunplay.

    However, with the franchise on stasis for years, most fans have likely given up hope for a new Riddick title. Oh, ye of little faith...

    :arrow:The Escapist

    So, Diesel gets to continue living his geek fantasy and we get more Starbreezey goodness? It's a Vin-win!

    Unfortunately, we don't have much to go on at the moment, not even a release date. It could be a long time before we get some concrete details on the project, so don't hold your breath. There's no telling what the plot will be; maybe it'll explain how Riddick went from "Mein Fuhryan" to "Cave Dweller" between the last two films. (Of course, "Chronicles didn't happen" is a fine answer, too.)

    "So, Gahars, are you just going to end the post like that? Will you use a little restraint this time and not make the most groanworthy pun possible?" Oh, please, don't be Riddick-ulous.
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    Loved Butcher Bay, thought Dark Athena was average and didn't think much of Syndicate. Loved the original The Darkness so a bit of a mixed bag really for me with Starbreeze.
    If this new game is a quick cash in for the new movie then count me out but I could be up for an all new game if it's in line with Butcher Bay or at least on par quality wise.
    Speaking of Starbreeze I need to grab Brothers and see if it's any good!
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