Error when turning on 3DS. (Luma CFW)

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    Okay, first of all, sorry for my English. (and for my little knowledge of CFW)
    It turns out that several years ago I put the cfw to my console and everything went perfectly! :D
    But after I stopped using it for a while my little brothers started asking me for it. I trust them, and in addition to playing a couple of games locally I doubt they have done anything else.

    A couple of weeks ago I had to change the case, because the previous one was broken, and talk to a friend (who had already opened 3DS before) and everything went well. Although there was a small flaw that caused the screen in a certain position turn off the console. In the end I did not give importance and continued playing without moving the screen much.

    The thing is that now, I wanted to play again after a couple of days and the console does not turn me on.
    At first the 3DS only left the screen completely black and, after messing around the files and options I realized that I had activated the option to "ignore the errors of Luma" (duh xD)

    I went back to leaving all the corresponding files as I had them at first, and then I saved the dump he gave me.
    Can someone help me?:unsure:

    -The Dump is atached to this post-

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    1. Remove and reinsert the battery. Try booting the 3DS with and without the SD card.
    2. Copy everything off your SD card onto your computer.
    3. Reformat it as FAT32 + 32 KB cluster size with either Windows File Explorer or guiformat.
    4. While it's empty, do a Full Write + Verify Test with H2testw to check for hardware defects.
    5. If it passes without error, delete the *.h2w files. If it fails, replace the card.
    6. Copy all your stuff back onto the card.
    7. Update the custom firmware on both the SD card and CTRNAND. You'll want Luma3DS v9.1, boot9strap v1.3, and GodMode9 v1.7.1.
    A) If you have Luma3DS v7.0.5 or older using arm9loaderhax (A9LH):

    B) If you have Luma3DS v7.1-v9.0 using boot9strap v1.0-v1.2 (B9S):
    or, for a combined guide of the above two:​

    8. If the 3DS still will not boot into HOME Menu, try these:
    • Resolución de Problemas (Troubleshooting)
      • Pantalla negra al iniciar la SysNAND
        • (Black screen on SysNAND boot)
      • Limpiar el extdata del Menú HOME
        • (Clear Home Menu extdata)
      • Pantalla negra al iniciar la SysNAND luego de instalar boot9strap
        • (Black screen on SysNAND boot after Installing boot9strap)

    9. If the 3DS still doesn't boot into HOME Menu, try either:
    • B) If you don't have a SysNAND backup:
      1. Copy to 0:/gm9/out your movable.sed and *.db files [ certs / import / ticket / title / tmp_i / tmp_t ] found in [1:] SYSNAND CTRNAND.
      2. CTRTransfer
      3. Add back the *.sed and *.db files. Read the techniques here.

    10. Hopefully, your 3DS is working with intact library of games. Update the 3DS firmware to Sys 11.8.0-41U in:
    • Spanish: Configuración de la consola → Otras opciones → Actualización
    • English: System Settings → Other Settings → System Update

    11. Make a new SysNAND backup image.
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