1. catfish182

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    Mar 23, 2009
    United States
    first off let me say that i have enjoyed reading here and learning here. I have enjoyed all that i have done to my Wii and i look forward to more as it comes. I have run across a problem and my research isnt giving me what i need. So i am posting asking for help.

    I have a NTSC Wii with version 3.2U.
    I have installed usb channel 1.1 and it seems everything is fine.

    Having said that obvious something isnt working.

    could not initialize usb subsystem (ret = -6)

    I get that with a datatraveler 8 GB drive. I have found many threads for a ret=-1 but not a 6.

    So am i not as good in researching or has not many encountered this?

    BTW if this is a error saying i am a dumb ass thats fine just point me to the thread that undoes my dumbness and i would appreciate it.
    If this is a thing were it would be best to wait thats fine also.
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