Error Installing Star Wars Force Unleashed 2 using USB Loader

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by wiicomplex, Jan 20, 2011.

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    Jan 20, 2011
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    I followed the softmod 4.3 virgin guide.

    I was able to install my games from the disc to a usb HDD but having problems with SWFU2 for some reason at 99% progress USB loader reports this list of errors of files it could not read here's an example.

    "Warning: read (1170358496) error (-2)"

    Then it's long list of the same warning but the #'s changes for the read exception it encountered.

    Game starts up fine if I play through the disc. However, when I try to load the game via USB loader I skip the wii remote warning messages by Pressing A then the program just black screens and freezes.

    I'm using Configurable USB Loader v58. Installed all the wads that were in the softmod guide. I'll list some of the main ones like


    Update: I did a 3rd attempt to install the game this time I did a BCA dump. Now when I tried to start the game it gives a hint to use cIOS 222/223 v4. So I changed the default game setting from 250 to 222 and this time instead of a black screen it gave me black screen with the following message Error encountered refer to Wii owner's manual.

    This also happened to me on another disc with Resident Evil: Archives but it installed fine with no errors but once I got past the capcom logo screen and game contains explicit violence and gore warning it displays black screen with error encountered refer to wii manual message.

    Please help
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    Sounds like you have an IOS issue.
    Re mod your console using Mod Mii. Apparently its supposed to be pretty much fool proof and will update your wii able to play anything like everyone else.

    It could also be down to the video options in your loader. Try changing the video mode and see if it resolves it.
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