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Sep 27, 2018
Hey. I have a problem. I wanted to update CFW before updating the firmware from 9 to 10.
I have ofw and emummc kosmos on sd card.
After updating hekate, it turned out that the developer provided an incomplete archive with missing files in the ini directory.
I found these files in some old folder because I'm always backing up.
After booting up the system it turned out that all the games are damaged.
I wanted to install a new games, but Goldtree doesn't work with the latest Goldleaf, and the new exe file is nowhere to be found (thanks dev).
When I managed to find some java file and run it, it turned out to be broken and doesn't load the files properly.

So what's the way to make it all work properly now?
Why is everything full of bugs, its not better just have an installer that creates an image of the sd card? We all use the same files.
There is always the same problem with the update, everything changes every few months.

Everything has been twisted so a normal user like me does not know if he has any fuses blown, can I update ofw, do I have to click something, I don't know when I can turn on wifi and when not because every information is hidden in threads on the forum with 100 pages. A normal casual user cannot control it with each new update.

It upset me a bit, because I always have to spend a few hours on the update, and today it all crashed out especially due to incomplete archives and information.
Thanks for the advice on how to fix it.
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