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    Did anybody saw the presentation of the google maps application where the nintendo president wears a helm with a mounted wii u controler???

    i was thinking woow nice idea to make the turning and motion of your head resulting in a change of the view in google streetview hehe...and then my fanyasy started to think about gaming in combination with that.

    1. imagine games like etrian odyseey or shin megami tensai with the biggest worldmap ever in a videogame: the complete google maps streetview data!!! combining the mapdata and streetview and allow augumented reality enemies crawl thrugh the streets...ofc with integrated music and sfx. in addition

    2. imagine metroid prime where you realy hop into the suite. you get a samus helmet where you attach the wii u controler. as you turn n move your head you do the same in the digital world. now take a wiimote plut and a nunchuk and booom, you can move with the nunchuk n aim with the wiimote hhah

    i would buy such game definitely!!! what about you guys? can you imagine standing in front of the tv and attaching your wii u pad to some kind of helmet and then exloring the gameworld just like that?
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    Gyro camera view like in zelda oot3D, sure awesome. For a pokémon snap type of game, hell yes.
    A helmet though... people would look at me as if I had problems.
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    Zombi U has that a little in it's scanning feature. I would love games to implement it as an option.

    Also waiting for the Google app to be released on the eShop.
  4. Jan1tor

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    In a first person shooter it would be great if they put a cross hair in the middle of the gamepad and you just point the gamepad at what you want to shoot and pull the trigger. It would make it much easier than trying to aim with the joysticks. You could also then have the 360 spherical targeting view.
  5. Alexrose

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    Jan 20, 2009
    I don't understand how Pokémon Snap hasn't been announced yet. How is that not being made already?

    Likewise, Konami really need to make a Yu-Gi-Oh! game for 3DS that uses AR cards.
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    A Skylanders-style Pokemon game. The controller has a built in NFC sensor so you could add in the ability to scan in figurines into your game.

    That would achieve instant popularity in no time. And man, I would waste so much money buying figurines.
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    Ive been thinking about this one for awhile now. Nintendo could even offer the game for free(they wont) seeing as there are over 400 pokemon and at lets just say $10 a pop, thats a small fortune right there JUST on figures. OH and of course you couldn't just go out and get a Charizard figure and it will work, you would have to buy Charmander first, level it up, then get the Charmeleon figure, level that one up and then get to use Charizard, and that figure will probably be $15 because it lights up. oOoOoOOoOO.