elp with renamers for nds

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    Jun 23, 2010
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    I'm really confused need help.

    1) why do all renames want to archive roms? Why not rename them, and leave them be?

    2) so many renamers dont know my roms? I have a game " Need for Speed Underground 2" and it plays and emulates well, yet its unknown to all renamers?
    Looks like its do to being trimmed. Am I out of luck now that I trimmed them? I used rominator to trim and that one didnt have an untrim [​IMG]

    3) some renamers use an offset ?

    0002 - Need for Speed
    0003 - Need for Speed

    What is the more piratical, I always thought this numbering as in the rom?

    4) Could someone point me to a nds renamer that renames files instead of creating archives?