Electronic Arts ready to embrace Android, But...

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    Thought EA had no love for Android or Windows Phone 7? Not quite -- it's just the existing market opportunities that the company doesn't seem to enjoy. CFO Eric Brown told the Deutsche Bank 2010 Technology Conference that the game publisher is actually quite bullish on Google's rapidly popularizing mobile OS and plans to 'position its mobile business' accordingly, but first he said this: "I think the next big positive way to push better growth in mobile will be the deployment of an App Store equivalent for the Android operating system." Since we're fairly certain Brown would be aware of a little thing called the Android Market, we figure he's talking about the same mysterious reason that caused Gameloft (which produces a number of Android titles already) to circumvent the Market in favor of their own online store. One thing's for certain on the EA Mobile front: the company really needs to update their smartphone games page to support a wee bit more than the "Google Android-Powered T-Mobile G1."[/p]
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    one usefulness of the store is tht u can collect all yer apps there but the prob is when u want to use something tht they dont allow hence the jailbreak
    i am sure it would be good for sales if it had a store and knowing google, the guys who created buzz, it wouldnt be very far
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    Android already has a store... the "Android Market" EA is just stupid