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    Is there a way with GC-tool or anything to know how to edit, identify and replace any 3D Models in the .isos?
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    As with most things if you find something in the same game (or maybe sequel/game from same dev) using the same format you can give a go at replacing them and playing the game as a NPC, secondary character or something (hopefully animations track), but generally speaking editing 3d models is a trickier prospect than 2d stuff for most consoles and even a lot of PC games.

    I don't know what exists for the GC as far as import-export tools for 3d modellers, be they official (quite often we see people use leaked SDKs) or otherwise (occasionally people will make tools). If you know enough to use the term mesh you probably know about textures and animations but for others playing along at home you tend to have the models (we will skip bones vs other things today), the textures (colours basically, unlike pixels you will tend to hear the term texel. You don't have to have a texture and in that case the colours the model provides tend to be called material colours) and animations (usually for models but you might see texture animations as well, and said animations can take the place of model animations -- the wheels on your bus probably don't go round and round as much as have a series of lines move up and down and maybe some smoke effects).
    Back on topic then yeah 3d modellers are quite rare in general compared to options available for 2d sprites and whatnot, especially going backwards from end console formats (more common, especially with SDK stuff, is having a plugin, often for a 3d modeller of similar vintage to the console or period of hacking, to export files).
    If you know what you are doing you can go manual -- we tend not to see the fun texture included depth until a bit later in history and most consoles don't have the highest polygon budget. That said I do tend to reserve such efforts for figuring out a format or simple things like deleting a protrusion or making something a bit fatter/skinnier/longer/shorter/...
    Even if you do manage to get it imported into an editor be aware of the limitations (it is not like you magically gain an additional 6000 polygons to play with so basically finger off the subsurf button) and how changes might trouble animations or something.

    The format Nintendo provided for devs to use was the BMD format (spinoffs seen on the DS in the form of NSBMD, the wii and later consoles seeing other variations and descendants to this day, often also using BMD as an extension/magic stamp). Mario Kart and Smash Brothers might have done some other stuff that ROM hackers there also used but I am less familiar with those ones, however both of those tend to be fairly well documented as people like making other characters for smash brothers and tracks for mario kart. Speak of racing tracks then you will tend to find those also have a 3d format of a sort on top of them (KCL being one for a Mario Kart, though not sure about the GC version) to handle things there, though 3d itself likely has more traditional collision modelling/hitboxes for that so your edits may or may not track accordingly depending upon the game if you are increasing size of things.

    As a general rule for 3d hacking you will find most devs stick pretty close to the hardware as converting 3d models on the fly is a waste of resources, and 3d is all about resources. If they do convert it will tend to be from well known formats as well but that really is rare and most times I find such a thing I would suspect it is instead a file the developer left in the code than something actively used by the game (usually easy enough to test these things though by simply replacing it and running it, though hopefully you are not burning discs for this one).

    http://hitmen.c02.at/files/yagcd/yagcd/frames.html is old but has some good stuff. I don't know what we have for more current gamecube hardware docs these days but I suspect the source code for dolphin (emulator source code tends to be also good hardware documentation or come with some). The Wii being something of an overclocked gamecube means you can also find some stuff there.

    They will tend to be compressed so YAZ0 and U8 might be things to look up. I don't know how popular it was in the end to stuff 3d files inside other archives (it is not the most common but also not unheard of) so be aware of that one as well.
    http://amnoid.de/gc/ also features some stuff for Mario Sunshine as well as the compression.
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