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    Jul 28, 2008
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    Afew days ago I started to get into the homebrew development, since it is in C++ and for my senior project I will be learning C++. I was hoping to make a useful application that would check for updates to your EDGE cheats.dat and if outdated, would update it. There is a version of this out, but it is only compatible with the cycloDS. I had high hopes of accomplishing this until I realized..
    1) The file comes in a zip...
    2) The file is named EDGEcheat.dat, when the edge goes by the name cheat.dat

    So aside from learning to connect to a update site, I would have to learn to extract, and rename a file. This is way past my limitations, so was wondering if anyone would like to take this challenge? Just a simple homebrew that can connect to:
    cheats.gbatemp.net, to see if the filename is the same as if the one on the card, and if not, download the new one, extract it, rename it, and place it in the EDGE directory. Dosen't even need a GUI. [​IMG];

    FYI: I used: http://www.double.co.nz/nintendo_ds/nds_tutorial2.html to help me get started.
    Used DevKitPro, along with the wifi_lib example, and looking through the AP connecting code, I have no idea what's going on.. lol...