E3 flasher released, solderless. but without dual booting feature

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    well, E3 flash which use for downgrading PS3 V3.72 to V3.75 released. Today the official site released the news that the limited version of E3 flasher has been released and sent out to some resellers. The limited version includes 11 items. It is a solderless item which means you dont need any soldering skills to install this item, but there is a big change that the dual booting feature which they said previous will be moved from the limited version because of the solderless feature. let's see what they said.


    E3 flasher LIMITED version start to ship on 13th. We are sorry for the delay because CLIP component is very low rate .We had to ship small quantity like 100-200pcs every day recently , we are working hard to improve those problem.Now you can get new slim installation manual with clip from official web.E3 flasher limited version fixed on NOR FLASH FAT console not so good, you can know some from official web ,sure all NOR FLASH console is NO SOLDER include SLIM AND NOR FLASH FAT .We are regret that we had to cancel some function like dual boot from E3 FLASHER LIMITED version becuase NO solder function added(CLIP). We will develop a new flasher to add those function with few wire solder.We take some picture for E3 FLASHER LIMITED production, you can know production status official web .

    Without dual booting feature means the E3 flasher is only a downgrader dongle. you can use it to downgrade your PS3 from V3.72 to V3.5. You can not use the dual booting feature means you can not switch the PS3 between V3.72 and V3.55, too bad that they moved this feature in the limited version.

    The price of this item is about 110USD via this site: http://www.digitopz....355-p-1091.html and also more details.

    The E3flasher specification Size: 24.5X14.5X10.5cm Weight: 1.3kg
    and also a package pic from them​

    Edit: Found the official site just updated the news. here is the quote​
    News: 2011-10-14​

    We think lots of user mis-understand us, here is some clarification.
    1: E3 FLASHER LIMITED still provide 11 accessory, include esata station.
    2: we design e3 flasher on solder way at first, this way can get dual boot well. But later we change hardware and software design because of adding clip. so finally it's difficult to get dual boot function on e3 flasher clip version.
    3: You still can get 3.72 and 3.55 switch with 2 HDD, it need more steps than dual boot, maybe we can call it half dual boot. This way no need any solder. We will release this half dual boot way in few days, you just upgrade e3 flasher limited and get it work.
    4: We are working hard to allow e3 flasher limited vesion works really dual boot, but we can't promise now because lots of changes.