Dynasty Warriors Strike Force 2 English Patch 2.1

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    Sep 13, 2012
    i release these on other site 2 weeks ago
    why not share it here as well. :D

    Its been a while since our team release DWSF2 English Patched
    well i have been working on these English Patched a while back (i though i lost the anyways good i found it).

    its just a minor update and few fix script here and there and translated NPC's

    Whats Translated
    Story Script (not sure how far White Lord got translated)
    Character names
    Few NPC's names
    Ohter things

    Update Translated
    City NCP Names and Few other things description that never got to translate in 2.0
    Script might be off


    Download Link

    I would love to finished these translation but you know our team lack translator :(

    Enjoy :yay: :yaypsp:

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