Dying bluetooth on a launch day ps4

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    Dec 30, 2015
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    So my launch ps4 has been losing its bluetooth syncability after about a hour or 2 of gameplay. The controllers will just shut off and on 5 different controllers they will just blink for 30 seconds looking for the ps4. So what ever your doing in a game will get stuck while it looses bt and in gundam breaker i was buying something when this shit happened and it was stuck just buying and spending all my in game currency so i shut off the system. It corrupted the game data and save data..... In bloodborn i was 1hit away in a boss battle and bam no control and dead lost 20k in souls. I never had this issue till i recently updated to 4.55 and added a 3tb external usb hdd. All my searching is telling me it needs a new bt card... Fml... I might start messing with my new in box 1.75 fw gta bundle ps4