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Dec 13, 2012

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    I have several DVD's I would like to rip certain chapters from. Can someone recommend me a program where I could choose multiple chapters at a time to extract (and have each remain their own separate file). I've tried many programs, including dvdfab, but either chapters are added together or there isn't an option to pick and choose which files I want. Thanks.

    PS: I am using Windows 7.
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    I think DVD Decryptor does that. First off, change the mode to IFO (Mode > IFO, fairly self explanatory I guess). Then go into the settings (Tools > Settings...), go to the "IFO Mode" tab, in the "File Splitting" drop down choose "by chapter", then click OK. You should see the chapters in the box on the right, you can then select which ones you want (there should be tick boxes I think. Can't quite remember, it's been a while and I don't have a DVD handy to try it right now).
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