DSVideo v1.10 released

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    DSVideo v1.10 released
    The DSVideo team has released an updated player and encoder
    The DSVideo team have released a new version of the DSVideo player and encoder. Amongst other features, it includes:

    * Better battery life by automatically turning the bottom screen off during playback
    * An improved file browser with inertia and smooth scrolling
    * An update to a more recent version of ffmpeg to help encoding
    * More reliable conversion of source videos

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    Looks really good as a media player but I with they would include .dpg support but I guess that`s easier said then done...
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    so what vid format do they play?

    isit better than moonshell's vid pplayer?
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    It only supports the videos created with its converter application. I believe the format uses a framerate of 12.5 fps max, which is rather low, but its user interface is rather nice. The main problem is that it puts DLDI on the ARM7, so you have to have a custom DLDI file for it to work correctly. It's worth a look at least.