DSTTi "no card" error

Discussion in 'DSTT' started by deadyak1, May 25, 2010.

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    May 25, 2010
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    hey guys. sorry if this has already been covered before, but I did a fair amount of digging through the forum and couldn't find a solution. I'm currently trying to troubleshoot a friend's DSi woes. the TTi worked flawlessly for a while and then, mid-game (don't know which game or if it could even matter), froze up. since then, when attempting to load the cart, it says "no card" with a picture of a microSD above it. here's some "technical" info for anyone that might have a guess what the problem is

    DSi firmware version 1.4u
    unsure what version of TTmenu was originally used. tested by me with pretty much everything possible
    SD is pny 4GB SDHC
    cart shows in DSi menu as star wars lethal alliance
    SD slot is "insert/pull out" type, not "push/push" type, which would seem to indicate a fake card
    unsure how SD card was originally formatted. currently formatted as fat32 with 32k allocation

    thanks in advance for any nudges in the right direction

    update: additional info if this helps: red PCB, card was ordered from ndstt.com, no reason to suspect it's a fake now.
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    Try taking a little, folded up piece of paper and jamming it down behind the sd card. This will make the connection between the sd and the TTi better and hopefully fix it.