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    When the ability to transfer over Dsiware from your Dsi/DSi-XL comes presumably in May, does it make a copy of your Dsiware onto the 3DS or does it inactivate your Dsi's copy?
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    Nobody knows. It has not come out yet... >_>

    Knowing the way the Wifi settings transfer worked, I doubt it. On normal DSes, when the settings are sent, the old one can't keep them...

    For the DSiware to work, you'll need the wifi settings (to match the purchased DSiware).

    So like I said, I doubt it.
  3. RupeeClock

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    May 15, 2008
    It will be moved from one system to another, not copied.
    This is so you can't go sharing DSiWare.
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    Oct 10, 2008
    Judging from the eShop's layout, it'll probably have you enter your DSi's friend code, or wirelessly connect the DSi and 3DS.
    It then links the DSiWare account to the eShop.

    I'm just making some guesses though.