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    Electronic Keyboard review
    genre: music/creative
    price: 200 DSi points

    game summary:
    "korg DS-10 DS for dummies" pretty much sums it up.

    as soon as you start it you are greeted with a series of piano buttons, record/replay controlls, and instrument settings.
    you can use this to play some live music straight away, with some accompanyment of choice.
    or you can try to compose a masterpiece and save it for later in 1 of the 8 saveslots.

    you get 16 instruments, and 5 accompanyment styles to work with, and for each accompanyment you can choose 8 chords and 4 different sub-styles.
    you also get 5 quick-buttons to switch faster between instruments.

    clear clean graphics, not much beyond that to say considering it's just an electric piano.

    compared to the more professional "korg DS-10 DS", it's only competitor on the DS, it has a lot less features.
    but it allows anyone who can tap a few on-screen buttons to make a song.
    for it's 200 points price it's certainly a good cheap alternative for those who aren't enough into music-making to learn the workings of korg.

    note: any prices mentioned are for the European version of the game, other regions may have different pricings.