DSIware downgrade Sd card help

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  1. julienbdes

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    Sep 3, 2015
    Hello just got a N3ds , i was wondering if the system transfert (dsiware) , it will transfert the game data from the source console? I got few cia installed but i dont have enough space for those on the target 3ds. Tell me more about this, my 3ds sd is not realy clean! My source sd is 64 go while my target 3ds sd is like 32. What happen to those cia files? Does only the nand bin transfert. Thanks for all your answer!
  2. clancy94

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    Oct 18, 2008
    Basically you wanna backup both sd cards to somewhere on your computer. Then when you're doing the system transfer, you'll actually be putting the source sd card into the target 3ds, where it will stay until you've finished hacking it. Then you can just backup whats on the 64gb one (which is in the target 3ds) and copy that onto the 32gb sd (it will fit, your cia's would of been deleted) then just restore your backup of the 64gb one you made earlier on your computer and then restore your hourglass9 nand.bin backup and you'll be good to go :)