DSi Pre-Order War

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    right now(when i'm posting this), there is a pre-order war going on at http://joshinweb.jp . Bunch of people around Japan are accessing that site freezing it up :3. I went to go bother people trying to pre-order too. very crazy. So when the DSi is announced here, do you think such war will rage here?(the 2ch posts are hilarious!!). Also for those of you without much knowledge on DSi's specs, here they are:
    ????? 3.25? - Screen Size 3.25 inches
    ???? ???TFT??????26???????TFT color screens
    ????? ??137.0mm???74.9mm????18.9mm length: 137mm, width: 74.9mm, thickness: 18.9mm

    ???????? ?92.0mm - touchpen length: 92mm

    ?? ?214g - weight: 219g (including battery pack and touch pne)
    ???? ?2??30? - charge time :about 2hrs 30min
    Your favorite: battery times
    ?????? ??????9?14?? weakest backlight: 9-14hrs
    ??? ???8?12?? weak backlight: 8-12hrs
    ???? ??6?9?? normal backlight: 6-9hrs
    ????? ?4?6?? high backlight: 4-6hrs
    ??????3?4??????????????????? highest backlight: 3-4hrs (depends on software)
    ????? ??????DS????? compatible softwares:
    ??????DSi????? DSi only softwares, DS only softwares
    SD??????????? SD memory slot, DS cartridge slot
    AC???????? AC input
    ?????????/??????? Headphone input

    Since most of these jpn sites don't accept US credit cards, I have to wait till they pre-order on amazon...I know when but can't tell you guys, xD
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    Knew that already, but thanks for the link on pre-order...I'll check it out.....