DS Lite special hardware problem (need help~)

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    I'll explain my problem in detail:

    I have a DS Lite with a broken top screen. It has been lying around in my room for some time, but today I wanted to do something with it. Because I don't have the money for ordering a new topscreen and case (which is broken, too...) yet, I thought of taking just the lower half so I could play GBA games and videos via moonshell with it. So I took off all the wires which are connecting the both halfs. Now the problem:

    First I forgot the put on the wireless module. When I tried to start the DS, the green lamp turns on and stays green the whole time. But nothing else happens. No reaction from the buttom screen.

    Then I put on the wireless module:
    When I now try to turn on the DS, the green lamp turns on, then the lower screen blinks one time, and then the DS turns off.

    I tried a lot. I didn't even work when I put on the wires of the micro, wireless modul and the topscreen. Then there were NO green light and just the speakers made one little sound.

    So what could be the problem? I just can't find it....
    I hope someone can help me =)