DS homebrew - DSi4DS

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    DS homebrew - DSi4DS
    This topic talks about a Dsi for ds owners.
    Here a nice little app for all Nintendo DS/Lite owners. Homebrew coder Spinal released DSi4DS, a homebrew application that imitates the Nintendo DSi menu. The app features a stylus and button controls support, shows battery status, charging status and more.Developers note:Just for fun, I made an imitation DSi menu for the DS/Lite, it looks very authentic, and feels quite authentic too. Currently it supports stylus and button controls, shows battery status, charging status, time, date, your name and the gui even uses your colour settings from your firmware. It loads homebrew only at the moment, although I might implement the same (or similar) loading method I used in DSision2, depending if there is any demand for it. this was discovered by Parasite X sidenote I've joined other homebrew sites to get info the latest DS homebrew I hope you ds and dsi owners like it.

    The link will be under the DS section

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