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    Hello, I'm kind of new to this site even it's been a few months using this site. Anyways, I downloaded a cracked ds game maker which is a version of But it won't work properly even when I installed the official ds game maker. so I got all the ds game maker files installed at c:\\ ds game maker. Anyways, I searched 'wikihow ds game maker' and found this 'wikihow 6steps on how to use ds game maker' I clicked it and all the devkit downloading links are dead!!
    and I don't even know what to do even I read it. I don't know what to install. And my friend knows how to use it! but he won't tell me how to, except for teaching me if I replace the official dsgame maker.exe with cracked(registered) ds game maker.exe it will work. So, he said if I want to use his, he said I can comeover and use it whenever I want to. guess what, i did. but when I used it, it game me like 2 error messages in a cmd box(while compiling)
    it was like 'main.o' and 'build error2' so I'm begging you guys for help. And I'm also a newbie on computers so while giving me instructions on how to intall devkit things, give me some pictures with it and definetely the download links. thank you.
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    You can't be seriouse.





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    If cracked software doesn't work, why do people pirate?

    also holyshit, megabump.
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    [​IMG] I guess he means there are a lot of software that are described as cracked but they're just something else