DS Game Maker 2.6B

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    DS Game Maker 2.6B
    New version by developer James
    I have released Version 2.6B of my program 'DS Game Maker', intended to let everyone enjoy and contribute to the homebrew community. Change log:

    * Finally, you can enter keys and download the actions successfully! Wahoo!
    * No more Temp.xds! The program handles all it's data internally. Working with actions should be much faster
    * You can now include files in efsroot without compiling manually! Similar to the Includes tab in Game Settings and along side it. See Eldude's tutorial for a padded save file [​IMG]
    * A shinier installer with custom graphics
    * If a project is loaded with no rooms, the program adds an emergency room so that other resources can be modified
    * Fixed some minor issues with the order of #includes so that PAlib is included first
    * Final removal of all MOD support traces. Use MP3 instead
    * Bigger Sprite preview box
    * Action Editor has been action name verification (disallowing bad names, like " ")
    * Creation of an ACTX help file along side an action in the Action Editor is now optional
    * Fixed an error where if no action is loaded and the Action help button was clicked .NET found an unhandled exception
    * Cleaned up the program's startup routine, it's hopefully faster
    * The reasons to register in the programs' Registration window now correspond to the website and describe the benefits not features. MOD support claim has been removed

    Get the new version from http://dsgamemaker.com/downloads/Install.exe


    Contributed by DSGameMaker
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    you have 1337 posts.

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    Tempbot is frozen at 1337 posts.

    Btw, what can this program do and is it noob-friendly?
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    the idea behind this program is to make DS homebrew making noob-friendly.